Is This A Curse? I Can’t Get Over My Ex (Please Help)


I don’t know how to start but I guess I will just start anyhow, please don’t mind the punctuations if used wrongly or not used at all.

I met this girl where I was working like 2 years ago she came there for her youth service, she is very nice and so charming, guys in my workplace always trying to make her theirs but I was more interested in just a friend, this made us very close and eventually, we started connecting, the chemistry between us is so much that I did not even know I was already falling for her.

After months of friendship, I eventually told her how I feel but because she is a Muslim she said she doesn’t feel it is possible for us to be together based on the difference in religion but since my intentions was to be just a friend all along I was not so bothered about her reply so we continued with our friendship.

The friendship was so great that there is nothing I can’t do for this girl and I guess this made her started falling for me and we eventually we started dating after about a month of dating she has finished her service (she redeployed to the state I was cause that is where she base also she’s going back to her state after service is out of it) after her services year unknown to me she’s already making plans to travel abroad though she told me she will be traveling, but she did not tell me where or how long she’s going to be staying.

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Few days after she traveled she send me a message apologizing that because of the situation in Nigeria she had to try to find a way to make her life better. The traveling did not stop us from talking in fact we talk almost every day through chats, video calls, and phone calls.

Settling abroad was a little rough for her due to a new environment and stuff so for her not to feel the change that much I do help in the ways I can which includes me sending her money and encouraging her to stay strong.

Things continue like that till she secures a job though we still talk but due to her work and time difference we don’t do talk as much as we use to do.

Fast forward to November last year my intention was to travel over to meet her to propose to her but before taking that step I decided to ask her that (if I ask her to marry me what will her response be) at first she sounds excited and say her answer will always be yes but after that conversation, I noticed changes in her attitude she started ignoring my calls and not replying my texts if her i ask her what is going on she will say you no I am always busy.

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I noticed she do upload a guy picture this is when I realized probably she is into another person, so I chat her up and ask her if we are done and to my surprise she said, but she already told me we are just friends this hurt my feelings so bad because for almost a year that she left I have been faithful to her and always help her the way I can (I have never demand anything from her since she travelled abroad I was the one doing the giving instead even when I don’t have much)

Now here is my problem it’s been 5months since we broke up but I still find it difficult getting over her we still do chat not as much as we use to tho and she still refers to me as her favorite person.

Recently a friend who happened to know her told me he do see her around with a guy over there and that with the information he was able to gather it seems she is staying with the guy, I became angry and call her immediately out of jealousy to confront her and her response was it’s her life she can live it the way it pleases her.

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Although eventually, she denies it but ( I don’t even know why I made the call in the first place a because I know we are no more together since December) I have tried everything possible to make me forget about her(delete her number, clear our chat even delete her pictures and unfollow her on IG) but it’s very hard for me to forget her.

This maybe as a result of the kinda person I am, let’s say I am an introvert kinda person who hardly associate or make new friends I don’t know the next step to take that is why I decided to share what I am going through cause, to be honest, the thought of her is affecting alot.

I don’t want to fight her but I just want to stop loving her, loving her is not as a result of we talk every day but as a result of the feeling I had for her naturally which has grown over the past few months.

Please help

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