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STORY!! The Campus Baddest Guy, How I Slept With 98 Girls In 2 Year [Episode 4]

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So sorry for the delay in posting the Episode 4 of “The Campus Baddest Guy” web story on your No. 1 Nigerian Music & Entertainment website ‘Naijaloaded’.

We were so occupied with many other interesting contents but Thank God, the Episode 4 is now available for your reading pleasure 😄 Oya start dancing Azonto 😂😂

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Now, let’s get down to business!

The next day I got to the exam hall and sat on my Seat; Seat No. 384. The seat was a locker like the ones used in secondary schools. I got out my math-set and began sharpening my pencils and getting everything ready for the exam I knew I would fail.

The lockers were arranged very far from each other. Then the exam paper came in, a fat black woman with head tie, brought in the question paper, she began:-

“See if you know you are not ready for this exam, kindly pick up your writing materials and walk out. No one will judge you, is not everyone that must go to university”

The class began making noise. Somehow I wanted to get up and walk out, I knew I read nothing, I mean the only thing I read was porn, practical porn 😂😂

“Alright, she continued, since no one wants to leave, mind you, any slight malpractice will be met with capital punishment. The officers by the window will keep watch. Any insubordination and you will spend two nights in the state’s prison cell!

Two nights! People swallowed hard, some began hiding their phone, tucking their expo deeper into their pockets. Me; anyhow anyhow, something must kill man. She left the hall and gave the question paper to her assistant, a fair and nicely created and well spiced Nigerian delicacy 😍😍

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She was on a tight violet mini grown and a high heel that pushed up her ass –t hey looked like two round pillows stashed inside a tight skirt. When she walked around sharing the papers, the ass jiggled and vibrated with each step. I wasn’t the only guy lost in that movement 😂

Other guys carried their hands on their head. She seemed like all this American-wannabe’s. Is this a trap from Jamb? Their father! 😂😂 Jamb, Una no reach.

When she got to my seat, and dropped the paper, I touched her hand slightly, to let her know I dig her. She looked at me for some seconds and continued on her way.

30 minutes into the exam, my palms were sweaty. My brain was popping like popcorn. So far I have managed to answer 1-5 questions out of 50 general questions. When I try to answer one question, I will imagine gift’s ass how it was jiggling, how her gown was been pushed up by the movement of her well rounded buttocks. I think about her breast –their warmth when I slide my di3k in-between 😩

As if this wasn’t enough, my pen fell down and when I tried picking it up I got a good peek at our young invigilator’s thick inner darkened thighs. (What is all this now? Someone cannot write exam in peace?) 🤣

Now, the earlier movement of her mesmerizing ass was rattling in my brain, my eyes were shooting up and down like in lottery spins. I imagined how soft it would feel and if giving her doggy-style, the ripples and shockwaves the ass would generate. Focus! Focus! I tell myself, but I knew I was just kidding myself 😂😂

My brain was already fucked up, I had traded it with the devil last night. Fuck this exam! Who exam epp?

I was hard already. The full length of my di3k pressed against the zippers of my jean trouser, I put my hand in my pocket and pushed out the jean to hide the erection, so no one would notice as I got up.

I walked up to her – so I could take permission to use the bathroom, on reaching her, I removed my hands from my pocket, and the speed my dick used to cling to my trouser shocked her, (it was ready to attack her).

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She looked at me stern and quiet 😳😳

“I want to use the bathroom” I said… she didn’t reply (I guess she was still recovering from the shock and my guts). I left the room to the toilet. The toilet was big and divided between rows that were like compartment which housed six closed WC’s, and the passage that housed the normal WC’S with only urine functionality.

I wasn’t sure my plan would work, I was even more surprised with what happened next; the lady gently opened the door of the toilet I was in and making sure I was the one there closed the door behind her and locked it.

Ghen ghen…this is the real Post-UTME test 😂😂

“Give me that di3k!”

Wow! She didn’t even waste time. What is with port-hacourt girls and command? She didn’t even wait for a reply she got down and unzipped me, took my d!ck inside her mouth and was choking herself with it.

She pushed it so deep, I could feel her throat tightening against my di3k, her eyes popping out like someone being strangled, she brought it out and I was covered with drool. She took it in again and again and again, till I felt droplets of cum leaving the tip of my pen!s.

Immediately, I pushed away her face and she licked up her lips, tasting it. I got her up and pushed her to the door, (the lock nearly broke with the force) pulled down her skirt and dug one or two fingers inside her wet vag!na.

Her vag!na was wide, I used four fingers to rub her clit vigorously, like I was scratching recharge card. Her jaw was held shut and her right arm on her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

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When she was properly wet and highly sensitive (any little touch and she was moaning and sucking air through her teeth like someone shocked by electric). I knew she was close to the edge. I brought out my finisher and sent it deep into her and began pumping.

The door was shaking too much we had to transfer to the side wall. With the adrenaline and the fear of being caught. I fúcked her without restraint, with no holding back that I forgot myself and released my hot seeds just at the surface of her of her juicy puccy.

I could see my handwork dripping down on her thigh. She took the tissue and cleaned herself up…

“That was a good fúck…here’s my card” And she left codedly. I took the card, a blue brown coloured business card and inscribed in it was “De Susan’s Event Manager….express service assured” I smiled express service indeed! 😂😂

My exam! Shit… should I still go back for it???

The End!!!

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