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1. odun was angry, sitting on the bed while funke [his wife] was kneeling begging him. [they are both discussing bout funke not being a virgin ].
2. [flashback-] odun and funke standing infront of odun house gate, odun was trying to convinve funke to enter inside his house but funke refuse and promise to let him have sex with her after marriage.
3. the arguement continues as odun decided to quit the marriage but funke keep begging him that she truely love him that he should forgive him, odun just look at her and lie down and slept off.
4. funke was making calls in the living room while odun came back from work, funke tries to approach and hug him but he snubb her and yelled at her and went inside.
5. [at night] funke was trying to put odun in the mood but all her effort was in vain, odun keep yelling at her calling her names…
6. odun , funke, kola[odun junior broda] and biola [funke junior sister]where eating in the dinning when odun told them that there will be housemade in the house from 2mao,they all reject the idea but odun refuse and left the dinning table.
7. Odun enter the living room shouting on phone that kola have stolen his 50k again ,reporting him to his mum that he dose that all the time ,doing his conversation with his mum, there was a knock at the door.
8. At the living room,odun introduce juliet [the house girl]to the rest of the family, and instruct juliet to do the house work and never to cook the food in the house and he also ask if anybody have anything to say except from funke.
9. odun was sitting watching tv when juliet came and ask if he could clean the room,odun told her to go ahead and clean it.and she use the oppurtunity to seduce odun.
10. [at night] funke needed odun to make love with her, but odun rejected her and yelled at her unknowing that juliet was looking at them from the door, immidiately she saw odun coming toward the door ,she ran and hide.
11. odun angrily sat in the living room, juliet went to him and pet him and ask if he could come sleep with him, and odun agreed , she then went to funke and pet and romance her to sleep and went to odun in the living room and make love with him.
12. kola , juliet and biola where watching tv, kola gave juliet 1000 to help him buy recharge card and juliet collect the money and left,kola rush and meet biola and start romancing her,he then beg her to go upstairs to make love, biola refuses but later agree and they went upstairs,juliet came back and did not see anybody she decided to go upstairs and saw them making love, she just hiss and went back to the living room.
13. juliet convince funke and ask the matter between her and her husband ,funke explained everything about the virgin issue and also tells her that she will all her fathers wealth to odun so that he can use it to start a new business.
14. juliet was in the kitchen watching plate ,when kola came and tries to take advantage of her but juliet slap him and warn him never to try that rubbish with again, that she is not a slut like her boss wife sister.. kola was just shocked hearing it.
15. juliet went to tell odun that he did not have a good wife that his wife told her all about the virgin issue and all about the father wealth, odun was very angry but juliet calm him by holding his neck and kiss him,he then begg odun to allow him follow her to shop that she have a man friend , so he can get full details about the man.
16. kola told biola about what juliet told her and biola promise to deal with her.
17. funke was cooking and she went outside , only for juliet to come and pour more salt in the food and left.
18. [at the dinning] food was served and nobody could eat the food ,odun withangry temper lay curse on funke ,but funke tried to beg , odun just stood up and started beatting funke ..
19. juliet tip toe to odun room and put a picture in odun cloth and left.
20. odun was about going out when juliet just came and drag odun to d nearby toilet and started kissing and romancing him, and whispering ‘I LOVE YOU’ odun also replied her, she immidiately unzip him and let him enter from the back .
funke was shouting juliet name in the living room, when they finish making love she then told odun that , she was in a hurry cause she want to go to her man friends place ..
21. juliet gist funke that odun already have a new wife thats why shes neglecting her , funke was afraid and angry, but she told her not to be afraid that she should check his cloth that she will see the woman picture there.
22. biola came and meet juliet while she was busy watching cloth and ask why she refused to wash her pants, without allowing her to talk ,she started beating juliet mercilessly that it was odun that came and seperate them .
23. juliet tip toe and went to biola room and poured some powder on her cloth and left.
24. biola started shouting the next day and scracthing all over her body, they could not go out that day and she was rush to the hospital..
25. funke was crying bout all what is happening to her marriage and she decided to call her mum about it and her mum told her to come see her.
26. juliet went to the kitchen and poured poison in funke food and she went straight to odun and warn him not to eat in the food his wife is cooking that she have poison it . odun was afraid and ask about his brother, juliet said she will find a way to tell him and left.
27. on her way going to the living room , funke called her and send her errand to help her run to the market and buy some food stuff and she left to meet odun that shes is going to the market that he should not eat from the food and she kiss him and left.
28. the came back from the market and the food was served , she was surprised that the food was not yet served till her arrival , she and odun refused to eat but eat garri instead but the rest eat the food ,odun effort to stop his brother from eating was in vain and they all eat and started coughing and they all fell down and die.
29. odun was very afraid and confused why funke will also kill herself too, but juliet calm him down and seduce him , kiss him and started romancing him.
30. they keep romancing and about to make love when kola tap her at the back they where both afraid and kola explain everything that they are alive and not died.
31. [flashback] when he saw juliet putting poison in the food , he quickly went and inform funke about it and they plan by sending juliet an errand , that was when they poured the food away and cook another food .
32. kola continued that cause he wanted to take advantage of her, all his plan to go and meet her alone leads to him seeing her doing all d wrong deeds in the house.
[flashback] when she put picture in oduns cloth
[flashback] when she poured powder in biola cloth
[flashback] when she was making love with odun himself
33. funke shouted hearing this , and swearing at juliet that
[flashback] how she convince her to tell her about her marriage ..
[flashback] when she told her about the pictures…
34. kola continued that just because funke was not a virgin doesnt mean she is a prostitute ,beside even the stupid housemaid that have been sleeping with is not a virgin, he should beg his wife and stop letting an ordinary housemade ruin his home and he said all that happen was recorded that juliet will surely face justice..
35. kola confess that he have been dating biola from there school days that he never knew that his brother is also dating her sis too , that they will also be getting married very soon.
juliet was crying an begging for mercy while both couple hug and kiss thereselves.


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